Handmade bespoke shoes from Vigevano, Italy.

Some photographs, for a particular model, ankle boot, just a piece of leather, no seams.
Novecento Line.

Butterfly loafer, line Novecento, last Classic Square

Happy Easter to everyone.

The shoe is ready, the next step, polishing, welt, heel, sole.

New steps , the details of hand, stitching, heel, waist. Novecento line.

Other steps of the Novecento line, next step, heel and finishing, for a new Butterfly loafer.

Sitched sole, next steps, peg’s, heels, finishing.

Sitched sole, next steps, peg’s, heels, finishing.

Process of preparing for the seam of sole, all by hand .Line Novecento,Model Butterfly loafer in croc black nubuck, Classic Square last.

Here they are, finally with their Own!

Full hand Made Bespoke, Oxford , in french calf bolet , last Italian style, for a Italian customer.